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But he was amazed that his wife in the course of two short years should have succeeded in acquiring the reputation of being a charming woman, as clever as she is beautiful.

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    And yet, during the first three days I never allowed him to enter a hut or other dwelling.

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    At one time Chang was convicted of disobedience of orders, and sentenced to ten days in the guard house; but Eng, in spite of all arguments, felt obliged to share his imprisonment, notwithstanding he himself was entirely innocent; and so, to save the blameless brother from suffering, they had to discharge both from custody--the just reward of faithfulness. He disliked taxis and for that reason if they stayed in the city over the weekend, he seldom left the apartment to go any farther than the Gristede's on the corner.

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    It opened grudgingly to show a homely woman in a soiled apron. All at once, the overpowering rustle of impassioned discussion surrounding him receded further into the background, to the extent that he could now isolate the distinctive voices of both 0 and the younger Q.

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    Malfurion had learned much from his shan'do, but not enough, it seemed, to stand up to such a deadly foe. More to the point, in this situation, hurting someone's feelings may seriously damage the individual psychologically and impair a friendship I value.
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  • The following years passed quickly, even for a young woman wishing to take on the world. Preparations had begun before they went to get clay from the river, and the food had been cooking all the while they worked.

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    The coffee-drinker's voice was deep and melodic, a huge voice for a slender man. She liked most other companions; some were from respectable families, for there were no schools here apart from temple schools whose priests had the bad habit of stuffing children's heads with myth and legend as though they were to live in a world of make-believe instead of fending for themselves.

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    Wiz picked up one of the blocks of stone and rested it on the carved stone railing. So when the men of the scout party pushed matters, Levine already had a course plotted to Windward.

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